Global Aviation Network, also known as GAN to many, was created to provide a space for like-minded flight simulator and aircraft enthusiasts to come together to fly, chat and build good relationships based on mutual respect and love for both aviation and flying. What we have today is a very tight-knit community of around 30 flying enthusiasts that keep in touch regularly through the VoIP server, which is open 24/7, and through our private group.

GAN has always been a small community and it intends to stay that way. We have grown from just the founders to a modest member base that is extremely close; everybody knows everybody else. The network consists of real pilots, ex-pilots, those who have a keen interest in aircraft, future pilots and many members are just regular folk who enjoy the flying environment. You don’t have to be a real pilot to be a part of the network, all we ask is that you love flying!

We are not currently accepting new members at this moment in time as we have reached capacity with our server. It is very rare we have a member leave, in fact nobody has left the network in the last 12 months! We aim to open up a limited number of membership places in the near future. We will announce this on the main page for those interested in joining the Global Aviation Network.

The modern day network that exists today was created a number of years ago by James Thwaites, an avid aviation fan from the United Kingdom. James has his basic light aircraft licence in the UK (known as LAPL), allowing him to fly a limited number of light aircraft. He enjoys the benefits that come with flight simulators, practicing his flying skills with Flight Simulator X on a regular basis. Samuel is the co-founder of the network and a good friend of James. Sam doesn’t have any pilot’s licences and has never flown a real plane, however he has extensive experience with virtual aircraft and flight simulators. We won’t say he’s old but he remembers the early days of Flight Simulator 1.0. We’ll call him a veteran. ;-)

This website as you see it is relatively new. GAN was originally established as a private group on Facebook but as we have evolved over the years we decided to create a simple website to detail who we are and what we do. Our private group is still active and we have recently created a VoIP server for our members to communicate through. It has provided a space to chat and catch up with other network members, as well as doubling as a useful tool for communication in-flight.

Our aim is simple: to connect like-minded individuals through a small but active community of friendly members. We love flying, we love aircraft and we love the social side of it too. We are opposed to the idea of opening membership to everyone as we feel it would dilute the sense of exclusive community that we have. It’s not that we are snobby, just there are many virtual communities out there and with open membership they tend to not be as close.

As said, we hope to open membership in the near future, so please check back soon!

Happy flying!

Global Aviation Network Team.